GOO.N - Japanese premium diapers brand by Daio Paper Corporation.

"The diaper touches the baby's skin more often than mother's hands. Our task is to create the perfect diaper, which will give your baby comfort and calmness, making every mom happy". Daio Paper Corporation.

High-tech ultra-modern materials, elaborated according to the characteristics of children's body, and attentive attitude to the needs and desires of consumers allowed Daio Paper Corporation to create perfect diapers - diapers TM GOO.N!

Phrase “Made in Japan” has long become a symbol of quality.

The highest quality standards, control at each stage of production, continuous improvement and innovations are introduced into the most enterprises in Japan.

For example, the quality control system at the factory Daio Paper Converting Co., Ltd, producing GOO.N diapers is certified according to ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001, which means the full quality control and introduction of environmental management into production.

Almost all Japanese goods have premium status and are rather expensive. However, this is exactly the case when the value is higher than the price.

You can be sure that staple and materials are natural and safe, each manufacturing operation is based on production schedules, product packaging is carried out in hygienic conditions and the final product meets the requirements of the most discerning consumers worldwide.

Japanese diapers - new phenomenon on the European market. But whom do we buy the best for as not small children?

Anyone who has ever tried GOO.N diapers will not be able to deprive his child of comfortable sleep, healthy skin, and reliable protection.


The third annual Award "Mother's Choice", established by a non-profit organization "Association of Japan’ Mothers" declared GOO.N brand to be the best childcare agent in 2011.

GOO.N brand became the leader of voting, which was attended by thousands of Japanese mothers. TM GOO.N, like a baby, does not stand still – it’s evolving, getting better. Each time, releasing a new collection, we try to consider the needs and characteristics of each child. We hope that moms and kids not only in Japan but all over the world will appreciate the incredible softness of TM GOO.N diapers.

Award "Mother's Choice" - "Association of Japan’ Mothers" is the sponsor of the program supporting women in the upbringing of children. One of this program’ components is to reward companies whose products makes parenting easier and more enjoyable. Mothers themselves by voting choose the safest, easy-to-use products that help in child caring.